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AdAway Apk


Adaway Apk is used to defend your phone from many advertisements. It is very important to prevent your android phone from external advertisements which is unnecessary. These ads can also affect the performance of your phone applications as well as your browsers. It defends your phone from unnecessary ads which comes through browsers and through different applications. Adaway Blcok Troublesome Advertisements is best software for blocking such advertisements which are not necessary.

It is very good choice if you want to protect your phone. This is best ads blocker application which has so many different functions. It can protect your phone from external advertisements. It can block all ads that affect your applications and performance. The unnecessary advertisements can affect your phone’s speed and performance. It is very important to install this ad blocker app if you want to protect your phone from unnecessary advertisements which protects your phone from such harm.

AdAway Apk Full

Adaway is the best add removal app which is used to block adds. You can get rid of from all unwanted advertisements. It can block all unexpected and unnecessary apps which come in your phone from many applications and causes harm and effect on the performance of your phone. When you install some applications, these applications provide unnecessary advertisements which do not give any benefit but they cause effect on the speed and performance of your phone. Mostly you have to use some proxy or other websites that gives you options to get rid of from these advertisements just by clicking on them and you can block these advertisements.


Adaway is a very famous app which is used to block ads. This app is not available on google play store because goole don’t support any ad block service but you can use this service as an Apk. Any search engine would not like to promote or support ad block service because advertisements are their earning source. Adaway Apk is a service which you can use to block any unnecessary advertisements. There are many features of this app which are very different and useful for your phone. You can protect your android phone with the use of this service. Some of its features are as follows.

  • You can create your own customized host files sources
  • You can block adds of your own desires as you can add exceptions to the white list
  • Also can add IP pairs and host names in list

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