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Net Monitor for Employees Professional Crack is very authoritative software which is used for spying the activities of your employee while doing your own work. This useful software provides the facility to watch and check what your employees are doing on their system and you can also give them instructions by sharing your screen without disturbing them or being disturbed. It is software which is very simple to utilize and very easy to install because it provides all instructions during installation so you don’t have to put any effort to install it.

Net Monitor for Employees Professional Crack Latest

This beneficial software provides the live picture of the screen of their monitors for watching their actions and activities. Number of screens is shown in a table and the users will be arranged in a sequence and screens will be shown accordingly. So it is very easy to watch over every user separately and give them instructions of your desire. Execution of number of actions on your employee’s screens can also be done with the help of this software in just few seconds and clicks.

Net Monitor for Employees Professional Serial key gives you full control over your employee’s actions and activities on system and you can watch their activities and actions from your system just by using mouse and keyboard. You can also block internet programs which are unnecessary for them to use or if they are playing games or using applications during work. This useful software provides full control that you can even stop internet access if necessary. It provides an easy way to control all your employee work from your system. Screen of your employee can also be zoomed and you can clearly see what he/her is doing. By the use of license key of this software you can watch over number of screens at a time and you can also lock screens if you want.

Net Monitor for Employees Professional Crack lets you fully control your employees actions on his/her monitor and can also alter his/her actions without leaving your work and without any disturbance. You are also able to open any application or terminate any task from your employee’s pc by your pc. When you connect with your employees system to control it, this useful software also provides protection and security during you are connected. You are able to update any application and you can also control audio level on their system. It is very powerful software which is used by professionals for spying on their employees and giving the proper instructions. You can download Net Monitor for Employees Professional Crack from our website just click on the link which is given below.


  • You can watch over on your employee’s activities from your computer just by using mouse and keyboard.
  • You can also customize workstation.
  • Internet connection and programs can be blocked.
  • Manage the audio level of system.
  • You can execute and terminate the programs on employees system.
  • When you connect with your employee’s computer, it gives you the option of password for security.
  • You can do multi-tasking while spying on your employees.
  • It also shows a message on employee’s computer.
  • It is able to disable many functions like printing, scanning etc.
  • You can also record employees activities from his/her monitor and save in MP4 format.

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